Don’t Waste Time! 6 Facts Until You Reach Your Content Writing

The job of a content writer is very enticing and challenging at the same time. Whilst you can think of eminent writers like Cormac McCarthy, Thomas Pynchon, Stephen King and influential content writers in India namely Salman Rushdie, Khushwant Singh, Amartya Sen, etc, you can also think of many strugglers trying to make a mark in this wide field. In a profession which is full of thoughtful minds and brimming ideas, uniqueness is what will take you miles. They say, behave like successful people and thou shall be successful soon. Hence, you must understand and acquire these traits that all professional writers have.

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1)    Keep occupied: Maintain a diary and assign yourself a time table. If you seriously plan to take content writing as a profession, make a routine of writing daily. No matter if you have work assigned or not, this habit will help you gauge if you are ready to take up writing as a career or not.

2)    Don’t get conned: Fraud and malpractices exist in every profession and so is the case with writing industry. There are writing houses that get their work outsourced from freelancers. There are publication houses, online websites where clients might approach you and get a good piece of writing from you. However, some don’t pay later. Hence, beware.

3)    Filter your choices: There will be instances where you might get approached by multiple clients. In those cases, you must choose the project which will challenge you as a writer and also add on to your CV. Don’t go for too many assignments at a time. Never compromise with quality as it will deteriorate your position in the market.

4)    Register on good websites: The world is technologically savvy and you too need to be. There are many good websites that act as mediators. Clients post their content requirements here and content writers grab the offers where they get to write in their field of expertise. You too must register on these and mint some money.

5)    Own a library:  A person must be a reader first and then a writer. To write content rich in quality, one’s mind must be brimming with ideas. Hence, the need for good reading material. Instead of reading from here and there, compile your reading stuff and make room for your personal library. This will be the one-stop point where you can access and find content about a topic you might be writing in future.

6)    Get certified: It is important for every individual to have a resume which is a mirror to his skills. The more the certifications listed on your resume, the better impact it has. Therefore, you must give a thought on joining a good content writing course.