Different ways you can access a car when you travel

You may have a car or cars at your current location. However, when you are traveling, especially to another country or continent and you are not leaving close to the border or you are going through flight, it might be difficult taking your car along. At your new location, you will still require a reliable method of moving around with a car. Here are some of the options you would have to choose from.

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Renting a car

Renting a car is easily one of the best ways to have access to a car when you travel. The car hire company will request your details and how long you will need the car. If you are ordering online, they would also ask where you want the car delivered to you, which could be at the airport or train station you will be alighting from when you get to the country or city. They would most likely charge you daily for the car. Many companies across the world offers car rental services. An example of such a company is Europcar. You could read Europcar’s experiences by reading the reviews of those who have rented a car from the company left for them.

Getting from a friend, family member or host

If you are lucky to have a friend or family member in the city you are visiting that can loan you a car during your visit, then it is often a plus. This is especially when the person has more than one car. If you also have a host, your host can make provision for a car that you would be using. It is, however, hardly the case as we mostly would not have any relative, friend or host who can help us with a car in most of the cities or locations we would be traveling to.

Sending down your car

Another option is sending down your car to your destination. If the journey is one you are comfortable with driving through, you could just drive down in your car. This way, you would not have to bother about renting a vehicle. In other cases, you might have to pay an experienced driver to drive it down or transport the car down to your new location through a ship or cargo plane. The cost of moving your car to your new location might not be worth it, especially if you are only visiting for a few days.

Taking taxis

You have the option of boarding taxis and paying per trip. A lot of countries now have companies that allow you to order for a taxi through an app. Anytime you need to move, you board a taxi to drive you to your location and you pay the driver.

Taking public transports

You could also take public transports. Some taxis ply a route and will carry as many people as it can or finds along the route. Some buses and trains also serve as public transport, depending on the city you are visiting. This option is often very affordable and provides an opportunity to make friends. However, it also exposes you to criminals and the risk of losing your property.