How To Build A Moving Company

Many people today have to end up moving to be closer to family or start a new job. A good way to be successful is to build a business around moving. Look into all of these different ways you can build a company meant for those that are moving.

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Moving Trucks

When someone is opting to drive across the country to move, they probably want to have a moving truck to fit everything they have. Offering rental trucks is a great way to make money as these often aren’t just in demand for moving across the country, but good for many day jobs. Make sure to offer trucks in different sizes as a couple who just had an apartment for a year might not need the same truck that a family for 5 needs. Offering truck rental is just one way to make sure you’re up to par with other moving companies.

Storage Units

If you end up purchasing a new house, you might move across the country and find out that your house isn’t ready yet so you need to stay with family or in a hotel room. Consider offering temporary storage that customers can use to unload their trucks. Storage units are more beneficial once you are done moving across the country with a truck as they can be a lot more secure. If a customer ends up with a scenario where all of their stuff ends up getting stolen out of a truck, they probably are less likely to end up renting a truck from you in the future. Just like trucks, make sure that you offer different storage unit sizes for customers to choose from. Storage units are another way you can help become a strong moving company.


Some of those out there opting to move by car already are opting for add-ons such some type of trailer hitch installation king county wa. You can offer other types of add-ons however that a customer using your other company’s products and services already would consider purchasing. A good example of an add-on you can offer is padding for the furniture to be put into one of your moving trucks as many customers end up not having the proper materials to make sure their furniture doesn’t end up getting damaged on their move. Additionally, consider offering insurance for the moving trucks so customers don’t have to worry about some of the pitfalls that can come with using those trucks. Offering add-ons is a good way to build out your roster of products.


Building a business nowadays is difficult, but this should help you in the moving industry at least. Make sure to look at your competitor’s products so you know if you’re slacking in selection at all. Additionally, survey your customers to see what they would like out of new products and services that you could offer. Being apparent to what is happening around you is an important part of building a business.