The Top Five Auto Accessories you just Got to Have!

A Dash Cam’s job is to record driving details and well as sound from inside and outside the car. They range from super cheap to top of the line. Investing in a good quality dash cam can save loads of grief in the case of an accident. Some Dash Cameras are equipped with GPS tracking this can be helpful in recovering a stolen vehicle. A dash camera can also provide proof in the case of malicious car damage even when the owner is away. Make sure to purchase a camera with GPS location tracking and Motion Sensor activation for recording activity when the car is turned off.

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TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System

A TPMS’s job is to monitor the pressure in your tires. It contains a sensor that is screwed on to each individual tire air cap. Depending on the model, the sensor sends updates your cell phone on the car’s current tire air pressure. This is a great benefit because properly inflated tires helps increase your tires life, saves on gas and helps prevents accidents on the road. Make sure you clearly understand how the device works in sending air pressure information so that you can get the most use from your purchase.

Rust Protection Spray Maintains Auto Metal Frame

A rust inhibitor spray can help maintain the car’s value and the attractiveness. Rust actually weakens the car’s metal frame. It can sneak up on you, appearing to be a small bubble or chip. Once rust is allowed to take hold of an automobile’s body the car value decreased tremendously. Help you automobile sustain its integrity and beauty by regularly using a rust protection spray.

A Portable Car Jump Starter

A portable car jump starter is a life-saving piece of equipment that can easily fit in the trunk of any car. For those unexpected situations when the battery fails to start the car or a neighbor needs a jump. Some models have USB ports for charging a dead phone. In the situation where the car’s battery stalls, being able to quickly get back on the road with a portable car jump starter can help avoid dangerous roadside situations.

A Portable Air Compressor Pump

A portable air compressor pump’s job is to re-inflate flat or deflated tires. Most devices draw power from the car’s cigarette lighter outlet. This device really can sell itself because everyone has been in a situation with a flat or delated tire. Make sure to purchase a good quality pump with enough compression power to inflate tires quickly. Do not go too cheap on a portable air compressor pump.

These Top Five Accessories will protect your family, as well as your automobile. It is necessary to do your research before shopping for your desired accessory and make sure to check brand reviews online. A great benefit can be devired from comparison shopping online ahead of time to keep you on budget.