How to Find the Best Chilliwack Windshield Repair and Replacement?

More often than not, windshields get damaged. Sometimes the reason is that we made a mistake, and other times it’s not our fault. In both cases, you need to repair or replace your windshield. This may cost more than expected, but sometimes, you may pass by with something affordable. See more about windshield damages here.

Living in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada, you know that you have more options when it comes to car repair. Finding out which one is the best, though, takes some time. You need to know where to search, and what to look for. In this article, we’re helping you do exactly that. We’ll help you find the best windshield repair through five crucial steps. Follow up and see what they are.

1. Look for locations on your smartphone

The first thing you need to do is to open the maps app on your smartphone and type in car and windshield repair shops. The system will give you the names and the locations of these businesses, after which you need to turn on your location too and see where they are located compared to you.

Those that are closer to you are always the better choice. You don’t want to drive for miles with a broken windshield. Consider these shops first, and only if they are not suitable options, go for other places. In many cases, there is no difference between competitors, so the closest one is the best.

2. Check reviews and see who ranks the highest?

Reviews are highly valuable for everyone trying to find a good service. Luckily, there’s everything on the internet today, and it’s not hard finding the best options. What you need to do is check the reputation of the companies you already found on the maps and compare them to see who ranks the highest.

Those who enjoy the most positive reviews are always a better choice than those who received negative ones. A flawless reputation is hard to find, but make sure your choice is as higher ranked as possible. If other clients were satisfied with their work, chances are you’ll be happy with what you get too.

3. Make sure they are working with your vehicle model

You can’t take any type of vehicle in all shops to have their windshield replaced. Some businesses only work with particular models, so you need to be sure that you can receive service. Before going anywhere, call them on the phone or write an email asking about your vehicle’s details.

If they tell you that they have windshields for your type of vehicle, then you have nothing to worry about, but if they tell you that you can’t go there, you’ll need to look elsewhere for a business that’ll fit. Most shops will have no problem replacing whatever model you have, but that’s never a 100% certainty.

4. Find out about their experience

Experience is crucial in this kind of work. You want workers that will know what they are doing and have already made tons of replacements before you walked into their shop.

The risk of letting someone unskilled do the job is having major problems afterward and even having cracks in the windshield that will result in highly dangerous situations. See if you want to learn about this in more details

5. Compare prices

Prices are usually pretty similar from one place to another, but unless you check them yourself, and ask in detail about how much you’ll be charged, you’ll never know how much they’ll charge you. Send a few emails with details to the shops around you and wait for answers.

If they are not answering quickly enough, give them a call on the phone and get immediate info. Make a list of shops and compare their prices. If they are all similar in quality, then let the price decide where you’re going to go.


These five points are everything you need to know when looking for the best windshield shop. Repair and replacement may be easy for them, but you can’t do it yourself, which is why you need the best possible service in town.