How To Choose a Collision Repair Shop

If your car has suffered from some dents and damage through a collision or from bad weather, you want to make sure you choose a reputable specialist to fix your car. When picking a collision repair shop, do your research to find the best deal at the best location.

Get a Referral

Everyone needs car work done at some point and asking around can help you steer clear of mechanics who cause more problems than they solve. When you start asking around about dent repair, you’ll start to notice the same names coming up and this can help you narrow down the places you want to research.

Get Estimates

Once you have your short list of options, take your car out to get estimates. Having these in hand can help prevent overcharges and allow you to see if anyone is way out of range for your budget. Don’t always go with the cheapest option if they don’t have a good reputation. This can cost you more money in repairs in the future.

Check For Warranties

Quality shops offer warranties on their services, usually a minimum of one year. This can give you peace of mind knowing the shop prides themselves on their work and doesn’t expect issues to occur.

Customer-Service Experience

How are your interactions with each member of the staff at the shop? Are they helpful and courteous or rude and disinterested? Helpful employees can give you an enjoyable experience for the otherwise annoying process of taking your car to the shop. Notice if the shop displays certifications, which shows they have the experience required to do a fantastic job.

When you take the time to research for the leading collision shop in your area, you have a better chance of receiving quality car care with respectful people and outstanding prices.