How Does a Torque Converter Work?

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Most people know how a vehicle’s motor works. And, most people know that for the motor to move the car, it is required for the transmission to turn the wheels. However, most people aren’t aware that in between the motor and the transmission is the torque converter. This is the place that puts the power from the motor into moving power in the wheels. Basically, a torque converter works using oil and moving parts to transmit the motor power to the wheels of the car.

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What’s In The Box

The torque converter is located in a box underneath your car. The box is necessary to hold in the power from the motor.  The box is what maintains all of the pressure and helps transmit the energy from one moving part to the other.

The Moving Parts

There are two fan-shaped objects within that box. These fans rotate, when one rotates via the power from the motor, the other rotates via the power from the first fan. This is what transmits the power. When two fans are running, one fan actually has the power to make the other rotate. The other fan just spins because of the airflow from the first rotating fan.

It’s All About The Oil

In the case of your torque converter, it isn’t just air that rotates one fan to the other. There is also oil within the box that helps transmit power from one fan to the other. When the oil spins, the fans spin. The power from the motor is what spins the first fan. The power from the oil rotating spins the second.

Why a Box?

What is the purpose of having the box, the fan and the oil? Well, simply put, things break too easily. If the process was as simple as just a plain rod across, the first time you got your truck buried in mud, that rod would break from the power in the motor. Or your motor would explode from the stopping power of the tires stuck in the mud. The torque converter is more malleable and less likely to break.

Torque Converter Troubleshooting

So what if you do get stuck deep in mud and your torque converter goes bang? Well, this is the point at which you most likely will need to get a mechanic involved. Someone who knows what they are doing and can easily fix your torque converter. Check out Clark Torque converters for high-quality torque converters and other vehicle parts. Clark Torque Converters only carry high-quality great products for your torque converter needs.

Your torque converter is a very important piece of the vehicle puzzle. The torque converter uses a box, two fans, and oil to transmit the power from the motor to the wheels and make the car move. The torque converter works in conjunction with the transmission to put your car in and out of gear as well as help your car run as efficiently as possible. If you are having problems with your torque converter check out the Clark Torque Converter website and see if they can help you. They have only the best high-quality products for you or your mechanic to use.