Helping Your Old Car Learn New Techs

When you talk to car enthusiasts about their favorite hobby, the subject of restoration is sure to come up.  There are television shows devoted to the subject that draw millions of viewers every week.  It’s always interesting to see how they integrate the latest technology into the mainframe of an old car.  Half of this decade has seen an explosion in electronic apps and If you think you have to ditch your old buggy in order to get the latest factory installed devices in your ride, think again and read on.

It’s really amazing that technology of the 21st century can serve as a link to the past, combining the sensuous styles of yesterday’s autos with the cutting-edge gadgets of today.  In just five years, electronics have made the most significant difference between old cars and new.  Look under the hood and you’re likely to see familiar parts like V-8 motors, solid axles, and frames.  But in that time, we’ve gone from keyless remote via fob, to remote start and entry via app.  Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform dominates the discussion of future connectedness between our cars and technology.

A Backup Camera can be installed in your old car using an app like The Pearl which uses the high-resolution screen on our smart phones and runs on solar panels.  It attaches to a license-plate frame, and you can attach the dash phone easily.  Then, download the app and your problem of backing into the trash can is solved.

Heads Up Display (HUD) gadgets are really cool looking and provide an abundance of safety features easily distracted drivers appreciate.  They allow vital stats and warnings to be displayed in your line of sight so you can be more aware of your surroundings as you drive.  You’ll be alerted to changing speed limits, upcoming road signs and hazards and get turn by turn directions.  There are many varieties suitable for your older car that mount on the dash.  One brand in particular called Naydy is great as it will read the contents of an incoming text to you.

Dash Cameras have become increasingly popular as people want to record live interactions as they drive along.  There are many styles to choose from.  Lane departure devices are also popular but the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform is delivering the most bang for the buck as it has developed the most comprehensive platform that umbrellas all these and more.  Though most of the connectedness they talk about today is still way off in the future, a trip to their Microsoft store for auto apps reveals some nifty offerings for your auto right now.  And you can use a Groupon to search the store for the products that will help carry your ride into future. Even if it does have over 250,000 miles on it.